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The Painting Journey

Unleash Your Creativity Where Magic Meets Mystery!

Pamela Lape, The Painting Journey WorkshipTo host a Creative Growth Workshop or to join the email list for future workshops, call 203-957-2249 or email [email protected]

Designed for artists and non-artists alike, this one-day painting workshop takes you on a joiurny unlike any other.

In The Painting Journey Worshop, you will have fun and experience freedom, unravel stress, and share with others. You will get "unstuck," removing creative blocks as you watch your inner creativity come alive on paper with paint and color.

Pamela will facilitate each participant's journey with a caring and nonjudgmental approach. All you need for this process to unfold is yourself. Tempera paint, paper and brushes provided.

NOTE: Although Pamela is a trained psychotherapist, The Painting Journey Workshop is not "art therapy," which is a specialized branch of therapy.




Pamela Lape, The Painting Journey Workshop


 For ten years I was stuck creatively, not being able to enjoy picking up a brush, so I didn't.  The fear of not being good enough or failing kept me from moving forward.  After one workshop with Pamela, her painting journey process cracked me open and unleashed a confidence and creativity I never knew was there and taught me to just play and have fun and the result of what appeared on my paper canvas was miraculous.  I walked out of her workshop with confidence and anxious to play more  with creativity. A valuable experience learning to reframe my art from work to fun and not to take life so seriously.
- Miki Alicastro
Pamela Lape, The Painting Journey Workshop

I attended Pam's workshop on November 8th at the Rowayton Arts Center. Actually, I am an artist and an art teacher of adults, so I was worried about how I might adapt - or not - to this free form of painting with no thinking. Pam is an excellent teacher and patiently observed, offering a few questions to prompt my exploration and take my work further. The experience was truly liberating and I can't wait to take another workshop!
- Stuart Weismiller
I attended The Painting Journey Workshop presented by Pamela Lape recently. When I first read about it, I thought this would be something new for me in the line of self discovery. I hesitated for a moment for my drawing abilities are around an eight year olds..simple stick figures and images that a small child would draw or paint ..In fear of embarrassment I have always avoided 'going there' and found other ways to express my creativity. I knew that I would be safe in taking those risks with Pamela present so I signed up. Showing up was my first step in being brave enough to risk..  

Even though there were others participating in this journey..I felt that it was mine alone. Pamela guided us to a mind set of feeling safe and encouraged us to be free to paint without judgement. "There are no wrongs...no mistakes... no judging." For me it was all that and more.... it was no thinking.....but feeling.. and this was where the freedom reached deep inside to let something out to fly. And fly it did! 
There was a table covered with lots of pots of delicious colored tempura paints...a bucket full of assorted paint brushes,  a piece of paper attached to the wall with push pins and lots of personal space to call my own.  I heard the words "there are no mistakes...it's just a piece a paper...let go! ".  What an exciting experience to put that first stroke of paint on paper...and it only got better and better as I let that inner voice express herself. I created four paintings that afternoon and was completely astonished with what came out. Painting will surely be a part of my life now for it was a freeing experience where I was fully present with something mysterious and hidden inside that has always wanted to be discovered.  This was a true joyful self discovery and I highly recommend this workshop for those who dare to risk!
- Mern Palmer-Smith


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