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Image Journaling for Soul Growth

Go deeper than words to give a voice to your soul!

When words fail, images can express deep meaning. This workshop provides self-exploration through an intuitive, visual experience. You'll create images that communicate what you feel and think from a place deep inside, which is the seat your own truth, purpose and wisdom.

We'll use color and images to explore your inner landscape, reducing stress and finding more balance. The experience is holistic, incorporating body sensations as well as right brain functioning.

Image Journaling for Soul Growth is formatted as a 5-week workshop. No visual art experience is required; anyone can benefit from this creative tool.

To host an 
Image Journaling for Soul Growth Workshop or to join the email list for future workshops, call 203-957-2249 or email [email protected]

NOTE: Although Pamela is a trained psychotherapist, the Image Journaling for Soul Growth Workshop is not "art therapy," which is a specialized branch of therapy.

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