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Heart & Soul Collage

Based on Seena Frost's SoulCollage technique, artists and non-artists alike will enjoy this technique for getting in touch with your own soul's landscape. 

Heart & Soul Collage is a fun, creative tool for easy, artful self-expression.  

Using intuition and imagination, you create your own set of collaged cards. Each card reflects a different aspect of who you are.  This soul-tending process honors your personal journey while promoting personal growth and self-acceptance.

Pamela will guide you on how to understand and interpret your cards, using them intuitively to answer questions about your life journey. You'll experience new direction and purpose! 

To host a Heart & Soul Collage Workshop or to join the email list for future workshops, call 203-957-2249 or email
[email protected]

NOTE: Although Pamela is a trained psychotherapist, the Heart & Soul Collage Workshop is not "art therapy," which is a specialized branch of therapy.


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