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PAMELA LAPE, Psychotherapist
Heartfelt Wellness, Personal Growth & Life Coaching
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HeartFelt Wellness

In psychotherapy and workshops, Pamela shares the latest scientific research on the intimate connections that mind, body and spirit have in producing overall wellness.

Dealing with chronic stress is one key to Heartfelt Wellness.  An overloaded system drives the major stress responses: fight, flight or freeze.  These responses to stress inevitably contribute to chronic disease, mood disorders and dissatisfaction with life.

HeartFelt Wellness techniques help you tap into your own wisdom and strength to meet life's challenges. 

Pamela teaches you how to decrease the toll chronic stress takes on your life, helping you to reframe your emotional, biological and spiritual responses more productively. She uses drawing, creative visualization, discussion, and scientific information to help you bring your whole self into congruence for your best health and wellbeing.